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Metal Pens

One of the most important things to consider when looking into printed promotional metal pens is the longevity and durability of such an item. It will not only outlive most other types of promotional items, it will remain an attractive and useful product for many years to come and during its lifespan, will continue to promote your company brand or personalised message every single day of its life. That, in any business, is hard to beat!!!

If you provide your customer with a product that is pleasurable to use and attractive to view, you are substantially increasing the possibility of them keeping it as their daily corporate pen.

To match the superior standing of your metal pen, we recommend we decorate it with an equally superior method. Engraved pens are a very classic, popular promotional item that gives an elite finishing touch to your unique branding. Our engraved pens are for life and, are far more likely to be given, or passed on, as a treasured item than overlooked or left unused.

Our decorated corporate pens are also available with a range of optional presentation packaging to enhance their presentation value and highlight their features to perfection.

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